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Ultra-Low Volume. ULV foggers produce droplets less than 50 microns in diameter. Finer droplets conserve fogging solution, saving you money in the long run. Finer droplets also linger in the air, providing protection against airborne pests hours after application.
Clean and safe. Powered from a standard electrical outlet, instead of gasoline or diesel, which means no emissions (besides your fog).
Backed by our guarantee. We offer a 30-day return period and 1 year warranty. Parts and support from our California location.
Longray Basic ULV FoggerLongray Carryall ULV FoggerLongray Dragon Wheeled Fogger
Droplet diameter 5-50 micron
Flow rate 0.0-7.0 gal/hr
Capacity 1.1 gal 1.6 gal 2.6 gal
Weight (empty) 5.7 lb 6.4 lb 7.1 lb 9.3 lb 28.7 lb
Warranty 1 year

Choosing your fogger.

How do you want to move the fogger around? The Longray Basic integrates a carrying handle on the top of the unit. The larger Carryall comes with a shoulder strap, and the even larger Longray Dragon is mounted on wheels.
Do you need a flex-hose? A hose is great for spraying into hard-to-reach places, but interferes with standalone operation. If you want to run the fogger in the corner of a room by itself, choose a hose-less model.
Do you need adjustable flow? If you don't need to adjust flow rate or droplet size, you can save money by going with the easy-to-use Longray Basic base model.