Powerful, reliable, affordable - choose any three.

Direct from manufacturer. The high-end fogger market is unfortunately a high-margin one. Buy your thermal fogger direct from the manufacturer - from us - and save hundreds of dollars.
Designed to last. The pulse-jet engine at the heart of our thermal foggers has no moving parts, for exceptional reliability. Depending on model, you'll find stainless steel tanks and Teflon or Viton parts.
Extended warranty. We give you a two-year warranty, twice as long as most manufacturers. Nothing says more about the reliability of our machines and our commitment to our customers.
Shop around. Longray foggers offer incredible value, but don't take our word for it. Tech specs for our foggers are available on their product pages. You can find specs and prices for competing thermal foggers online.
CompactStandardAdvanced CoolingWater-based optimized
Works with oil-based oil-based (preferred) or water-based water-based
Droplet diameter 0.5-50.0 micron
Flow rate 2.6 gal/hr 5.2 gal/hr 2.1-11.1 gal/hr 27 gal/hr
Spray distance 20-82 ft 20-115 ft 20-30 ft
Capacity 1.3 gal 1.6 gal
Engine Gasoline: 0.3 gal/hr Gasoline: 0.4-0.5 gal/hr
Weight (empty) 15.0 lb 17.4 lb 23.4 lb
Warranty 1 year